Pathway Collages

A Pathway Collage is a diagram containing a user-specified set of pathways for an organism that can be manipulated and customized in various ways. The diagram is zoomable, with pathway, metabolite, and enzyme labels becoming visible when the diagram is at a sufficiently high magnification level to make them readable. The user can move objects around, selectively highlight objects of interest, delete unwanted portions, import new pathways, edit labels, and use the diagram to display omics data. The collage can be saved and later reloaded, or it can be exported to a PNG or SVG image file for use in a presentation, publication, or web page. The Pathway Collage Viewer is designed to handle fairly small numbers of pathways, and collages are therefore limited to no more than 100 pathways. The Pathway Collage Viewer is intuitive and easy to use, and includes a comprehensive help document.

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