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EC Number: (obsolete)

Enzymes and Genes:

Homo sapiens : steroid 21-monooxygenase : CYP21A2

Supersedes EC numbers:,

The reaction direction shown, that is, A + B ↔ C + D versus C + D ↔ A + B, is in accordance with the direction in which it was curated.

Mass balance status: Marked as unbalanced.

Enzyme Commission Primary Name: steroid 21-monooxygenase

Enzyme Commission Synonyms: steroid 21-hydroxylase, 21-hydroxylase, P450c21, CYP21A2 (gene name)

Taxonomic Range: Metazoa

Enzyme Commission Summary:
Requires NADPH and EC, NADPH--hemoprotein reductase. A heme-thiolate protein (P-450) enzyme responsible for the conversion of progesterone and 17-α-hydroxyprogesterone to their respective 21-hydroxylated derivatives, 11-deoxycorticosterone and 11-desoxycortisol. Involved in the biosynthesis of the hormones aldosterone and cortisol.

Citations: [RYAN57, Dorfman52, Plager53, Kominami80, Martineau03, Arase06]

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Gene-Reaction Schematic

Unification Links: KEGG:R02130

Relationship Links: BRENDA:EC: , ENZYME:EC: , IUBMB-ExplorEnz:EC: , UniProt:RELATED-TO:P00191 , UniProt:RELATED-TO:P03940 , UniProt:RELATED-TO:P08686 , UniProt:RELATED-TO:P15540 , UniProt:RELATED-TO:Q7M366


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