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superpathway of cytosolic glycolysis (plants), pyruvate dehydrogenase and TCA cycle on 23-Jan-2007,
(3E)-4,8-dimethylnona-1,3,7-triene biosynthesis on 03-Jan-2007,
oleoresin sesquiterpene volatiles biosynthesis on 06-Dec-2006,
superpathway of oleoresin turpentine biosynthesis on 06-Dec-2006,
oleoresin monoterpene volatiles biosynthesis on 06-Dec-2006,
isopimaric acid biosynthesis on 05-Dec-2006,
dehydroabietic acid biosynthesis on 04-Dec-2006,
superpathway of diterpene resin acids biosynthesis on 04-Dec-2006,
palustric acid biosynthesis on 04-Dec-2006,
neoabietic acid biosynthesis on 04-Dec-2006,
levopimaric acid biosynthesis on 04-Dec-2006,
abietic acid biosynthesis on 30-Nov-2006,
crocetin esters biosynthesis on 22-Nov-2006,
crocetin biosynthesis on 21-Nov-2006,
3-methylthiopropanoate biosynthesis on 27-Oct-2006,
A series fagopyritols biosynthesis on 16-Oct-2006,
B series fagopyritols biosynthesis on 16-Oct-2006,
ajugose biosynthesis II (galactinol-independent) on 20-Sep-2006,
ajugose biosynthesis I (galactinol-dependent) on 20-Sep-2006,
galactosylcyclitol biosynthesis on 19-Sep-2006,
stachyose biosynthesis on 18-Sep-2006,
bixin biosynthesis on 30-Aug-2006,
canthaxanthin biosynthesis on 23-Aug-2006,
astaxanthin biosynthesis (bacteria, fungi, algae) on 22-Aug-2006,
abscisic acid glucose ester metabolism on 28-Jul-2006,
phaseic acid biosynthesis on 28-Jul-2006,
trans, trans-farnesyl diphosphate biosynthesis on 27-Feb-2006,
superpathway of geranylgeranyl diphosphate biosynthesis II (via MEP) on 24-Feb-2006,
geranylgeranyl diphosphate biosynthesis on 24-Feb-2006,
chlorophyll cycle on 15-Dec-2005,
1D-myo-inositol hexakisphosphate biosynthesis III (Spirodela polyrrhiza) on 07-Sep-2005,
superpathway of benzoxazinoid glucosides biosynthesis on 05-Aug-2005,
uracil degradation I (reductive) on 30-Jun-2005

glycolysis IV (plant cytosol) on 26-Jan-2007,
plant sterol biosynthesis on 28-Sep-2006,
UDP-L-rhamnose biosynthesis on 30-Aug-2006,
superpathway of carotenoid biosynthesis on 28-Jul-2006,
abscisic acid biosynthesis on 28-Jul-2006

CO2 fixation into oxaloacetate (anaplerotic) on 24-Oct-2007

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