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MetaCyc Curator: Deepika Weerasinghe


Affiliations: SRI International

Note: Listed below are contributions the curator has made to MetaCyc. They are sorted, with the most recent at the top.

Stats: Pathways: 88, Proteins: 570, RNAs: 0, Reactions: 170, Compounds: 126, Misc.: 0

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L-threonine degradation V on 07-May-2014,
hydrogen sulfide biosynthesis II (mammalian) on 15-Apr-2014,
L-lysine degradation II (L-pipecolate pathway) on 14-Apr-2014,
fructose 2,6-bisphosphate biosynthesis on 01-Apr-2014,
homocarnosine biosynthesis on 13-Mar-2014,
carnosine biosynthesis on 12-Mar-2014,
superpathway of purine nucleotide salvage on 20-Aug-2013,
photosynthetic 3-hydroxybutanoate biosynthesis (engineered) on 13-Feb-2013,
(R)- and (S)-3-hydroxybutanoate biosynthesis on 13-Feb-2013,
linalool biosynthesis I on 14-Jan-2013,
ethylene glycol biosynthesis on 04-Jan-2013,
resolvin D biosynthesis on 17-Dec-2012,
aspirin triggered resolvin D biosynthesis on 17-Dec-2012,
aspirin triggered resolvin E biosynthesis on 17-Dec-2012,
aspirin-triggered lipoxin biosynthesis on 10-Dec-2012,
lipoxin biosynthesis on 05-Dec-2012,
(3S)-linalool biosynthesis on 16-Oct-2012,
β myrcene degradation on 11-Oct-2012,
ethylene biosynthesis IV on 03-Oct-2012,
ethylene biosynthesis V (engineered) on 01-Oct-2012,
chitin degradation to ethanol on 16-Sep-2012,
bisabolene biosynthesis on 21-Aug-2012,
docosahexaenoate biosynthesis I (lower eukaryotes) on 23-May-2012,
methyl ketone biosynthesis on 02-Mar-2012,
glycerol degradation to butanol on 24-Feb-2012,
furfural degradation on 17-Feb-2012,
5-hydroxymethylfurfural degradation on 16-Feb-2012,
1,5-anhydrofructose degradation on 09-Feb-2012,
alginate degradation on 31-Jan-2012,
icosapentaenoate biosynthesis III (fungi) on 21-Oct-2011,
superpathway of glucose and xylose degradation on 19-Sep-2011,
1-butanol autotrophic biosynthesis on 09-Sep-2011,
pyruvate fermentation to butanol II on 09-Sep-2011,
isopropanol biosynthesis on 02-Sep-2011,
long chain fatty acid ester synthesis for microdiesel production on 24-Aug-2011,
3-methylbutanol biosynthesis on 19-Aug-2011,
all-trans-farnesol biosynthesis on 09-Aug-2011,
diacylglyceryl-N,N,N-trimethylhomoserine biosynthesis on 20-Apr-2011,
hydrogen production VIII on 05-Apr-2011,
hydrogen production VI on 30-Mar-2011,
hydrogen production V on 24-Mar-2011,
hydrogen production IV on 21-Mar-2011,
hydrogen production III on 17-Mar-2011,
hydrogen production II on 17-Mar-2011,
superpathway of hydrogen production on 15-Mar-2011

reactive oxygen species degradation on 10-Jun-2014,
L-asparagine degradation III (mammalian) on 27-May-2014,
coenzyme A biosynthesis II (mammalian) on 21-Mar-2014,
taurine biosynthesis on 20-Mar-2014,
purine deoxyribonucleosides degradation II on 14-Mar-2014,
NAD phosphorylation and transhydrogenation on 07-Jan-2014,
acyl carrier protein activation on 04-Dec-2013,
GABA shunt on 24-Oct-2013,
L-lysine degradation XI (mammalian) on 23-Oct-2013,
L-ornithine biosynthesis II on 23-Oct-2013,
glycine betaine degradation II (mammalian) on 09-Oct-2013,
L-methionine salvage from L-homocysteine on 16-Sep-2013,
pectin degradation I on 02-Sep-2013,
L-arabinan degradation on 29-Aug-2013,
(1,4)-β-xylan degradation on 27-Aug-2013,
cellulose degradation I (cellulosome) on 27-Aug-2013,
chondroitin sulfate degradation (metazoa) on 27-Aug-2013,
xyloglucan degradation I (endoglucanase) on 20-Aug-2013,
dermatan sulfate degradation (metazoa) on 07-Aug-2013,
glycine biosynthesis II on 12-Jun-2013,
(R)- and (S)-3-hydroxybutanoate biosynthesis on 06-Jun-2013,
serotonin and melatonin biosynthesis on 22-May-2013,
ceramide de novo biosynthesis on 21-Mar-2013,
C20 prostanoid biosynthesis on 28-Nov-2012,
gluconeogenesis III on 15-Nov-2012,
TCA cycle III (animals) on 14-Nov-2012,
superpathway of glycol metabolism and degradation on 04-Oct-2012,
monoterpene biosynthesis on 23-Aug-2012,
superpathway of linalool biosynthesis on 22-Aug-2012,
farnesene biosynthesis on 22-Aug-2012,
arachidonate biosynthesis I (6-desaturase, lower eukaryotes) on 22-May-2012,
botryococcenes and methylated squalene biosynthesis on 03-Apr-2012,
chorismate biosynthesis from 3-dehydroquinate on 05-Mar-2012,
2-methylketone biosynthesis on 02-Mar-2012,
fenchol biosynthesis II on 18-Dec-2011,
mineralocorticoid biosynthesis on 12-Dec-2011,
glycerol degradation II on 04-Nov-2011,
methylerythritol phosphate pathway I on 15-Apr-2011,
nitrogen fixation I (ferredoxin) on 12-Apr-2011,
hydrogen production I on 04-Mar-2011

superpathway of heme biosynthesis from glycine on 07-Aug-2013,
glycolysis III (from glucose) on 12-Feb-2013,
superpathway of linalool biosynthesis on 14-Jan-2013

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