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Superclasses: BiosynthesisCarbohydrates BiosynthesisSugars BiosynthesisSugar Alcohols BiosynthesisPinitol Biosynthesis

Some taxa known to possess this pathway include : Trifolium incarnatum

Expected Taxonomic Range: Viridiplantae

Pinitol is a methylated cyclic sugar alcohol (cyclitol). It has been found in bacteria, fungi, algae and plants. It plays an important role in osmoregulation and osmoprotection. In the salt-tolerant plant M. crystallinum (common ice plant), pinitol can accumulate up to 70% of total soluble carbohydrate, or 10% of plant dry weight under water stress conditions. In salt-tolerant plants pinitol was found located in the cytosol and chloroplast. In angiosperms, pinitol biosynthesis proceeds via ononitol (1D-4-O-methyl myo-inositol) [Vernon92], whereas in gymnosperms, it proceeds via sequoyitol (1D-5-O-methyl myo-inositol) [Dittrich72].

Epimerization of sequoyitol to pinitol proceeds via a keto intermediate, D-5-O-methyl-2,3,5/4,6-pentahydroxycyclohexanone. The conversion of sequoyitol to the keto intermediate was catalyzed by a NAD-specific dehydrogenase activity, whereas the conversion of the keto to pinitol was catalyzed by a NADP-dependent dehydrogenase activity. In Trifolium incarnatum, both enzyme activities were detected in a partially purified protein fraction from leaves, however the authors were not able to distinguish between the possibilities of the two activities being reside in one protein or in two proteins [Ruis69].

Variants: pinitol biosynthesis I

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