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MetaCyc Organization: Carnegie Institution for Science

Abbrev Name: PMN

Url: http://plantcyc.org

Affiliates: PMN Group, Ricardo Nilo-Poyanco, Varun Bhamidipati Dwaraka, Caryn K Johansen, Sue Rhee, Kate A Dreher, Peifen Zhang

Note: Listed below are contributions the organization has made to MetaCyc. They are sorted, with the most recent at the top.

Stats: Pathways: 54, Proteins: 188, RNAs: 0, Reactions: 206, Compounds: 271, Misc.: 0

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papaverine biosynthesis on 28-Aug-2013,
superpathway of nicotine biosynthesis on 14-Aug-2013,
superpathway of hyoscyamine and scopolamine biosynthesis on 13-Aug-2013,
salvigenin biosynthesis on 07-Aug-2013,
nevadensin biosynthesis on 08-Jul-2013,
pentacyclic triterpene biosynthesis on 22-Mar-2013,
sucrose biosynthesis II on 08-Mar-2013,
gibberellin biosynthesis V on 22-Feb-2013,
superpathway of scopolin and esculin biosynthesis on 18-Jan-2013,
phytochromobilin biosynthesis on 29-Nov-2012,
hyperxanthone E biosynthesis on 27-Nov-2012,
chlorophyll a degradation III on 14-Nov-2012,
chlorophyllide a biosynthesis III (aerobic, light independent) on 08-Nov-2012,
L-phenylalanine degradation V on 08-Nov-2012,
superpathway of ergosterol biosynthesis II on 01-Nov-2012,
7-dehydroporiferasterol biosynthesis on 31-Oct-2012,
ergosterol biosynthesis II on 30-Oct-2012,
pinolenate and coniferonate biosynthesis on 25-Oct-2012,
noscapine biosynthesis on 12-Oct-2012,
emetine biosynthesis on 11-Oct-2012,
esterified suberin biosynthesis on 01-Oct-2012,
C4 photosynthetic carbon assimilation cycle, PEPCK type on 12-Sep-2012,
C4 photosynthetic carbon assimilation cycle, NAD-ME type on 11-Sep-2012,
phosphatidate metabolism, as a signaling molecule on 20-Apr-2012,
abscisic acid biosynthesis shunt on 12-Apr-2012,
seleno-amino acid biosynthesis on 11-Oct-2011,
seleno-amino acid detoxification and volatilization II on 07-Oct-2011,
seleno-amino acid detoxification and volatilization III on 07-Oct-2011,
selenate reduction on 07-Oct-2011,
seleno-amino acid detoxification and volatilization I on 05-Oct-2011,
phenolic malonylglucosides biosynthesis on 04-Oct-2011,
chlorophyll a degradation II on 30-Sep-2011,
pyrethrin I biosynthesis on 30-Sep-2011,
L-Nδ-acetylornithine biosynthesis on 28-Sep-2011,
6-gingerol analog biosynthesis on 28-Sep-2011,
sophoraflavanone G biosynthesis on 26-Sep-2011,
zealexin biosynthesis on 10-Sep-2011,
kauralexin biosynthesis on 09-Sep-2011,
glutathione-mediated detoxification II on 26-Jul-2011,
homophytochelatin biosynthesis on 26-Jul-2011,
homoglutathione biosynthesis on 26-Jul-2011,
fatty acid beta-oxidation V (unsaturated, odd number, di-isomerase-dependent) on 20-Jul-2011,
starch degradation II on 12-May-2011,
carotenoid cleavage on 12-May-2011,
diacylglycerol biosynthesis (PUFA enrichment in oilseed) on 06-May-2011,
phosphatidylcholine acyl editing on 06-May-2011,
starch degradation I on 16-Feb-2011,
superpathway of benzoxazinoid glucosides biosynthesis on 05-Aug-2005

starch biosynthesis on 15-Mar-2013,
starch degradation I on 07-Mar-2013,
camptothecin biosynthesis on 08-Jan-2013,
superpathway of fermentation (Chlamydomonas reinhardtii) on 19-Oct-2012,
superpathway of seleno-compound metabolism on 21-Oct-2011,
galactolipid biosynthesis I on 11-Sep-2008

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