MetaCyc Organism: Rhodobacter sphaeroides

Synonyms: strain Van Niels ATH 2.4.1, Rhodosphaera minor, Rhodosphaera capsulata, Rhodorrhagus spheroides, Rhodorrhagus capsulatus, Rhodorhagus minor, Rhodorhagus capsulatus, Rhodopseudomonas spheroides, Rhodopseudomonas sphaeroides, Rhodococcus minor, Rhodococcus capsulatus, NBRC 12203, LMG 2827, KCTC 1434, JCM 6121, IFO 12203, DSM 158, CIP 60.6, CCUG 31486, ATCC 17023

Rank: species

Taxonomic lineage: cellular organisms, Bacteria , Proteobacteria, Alphaproteobacteria, Rhodobacterales, Rhodobacteraceae, Rhodobacter

Direct sub-taxa of Rhodobacter sphaeroides: Rhodobacter sphaeroides OU5, Rhodobacter sphaeroides 2.4.1, Rhodobacter sphaeroides ATCC 17029, Rhodobacter sphaeroides ATCC 17025, Rhodobacter sphaeroides GA, Rhodobacter sphaeroides KD131, Rhodobacter sphaeroides sp. denitrificans, Rhodobacter sphaeroides WS8N

Unification Links: NCBI-Taxonomy:1063

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