MetaCyc Compound: (6-4) photoproduct (in DNA)

Superclasses: a nucleic acid component a nucleotide a dinucleotide a dinucleotide (nucleic acid)
a nucleic acid component an oligonucleotide a dinucleotide a dinucleotide (nucleic acid)

Citations: [Schleicher07]

(6-4) photoproduct (in DNA) compound structure

SMILES: C([R1])C1(C2(OP(=O)(O)OCC5(C(OP(=O)(O)O[R2])CC(N4(C(=O)N=C(C3(C(O)([R])C(=O)NC(=O)N(C(O1)C2)3))C([R3])=C4))O5)))

Reactions known to consume the compound:

Not in pathways:
an oligonucleotide + H2O → n a nucleoside 5'-monophosphate
an oligonucleotide + H2O → an oligonucleotide + a nucleoside 5'-monophosphate

Not in pathways:
a nucleotide + H2O → a nucleoside + phosphate

Reactions known to produce the compound:

Not in pathways:
a poly (U) tail + H2O → n an oligonucleotide
a poly(A) tail + H2O → n an oligonucleotide
5S rRNA precursor + 2 H2O → a mature 5S-rRNA + 2 an oligonucleotide

In Reactions of unknown directionality:

Not in pathways:
(6-4) photoproduct (in DNA) = a DNA pair of adjacent pyrimidines

Not in pathways:
a dinucleotide (nucleic acid) + H2O = 2 a nucleoside 5'-monophosphate + 2 H+
a single stranded DNA = n a dinucleotide (nucleic acid) + n a trinucleotide

Not in pathways:
a nucleotide + a 2'-deoxynucleoside = a nucleoside + a 2'-deoxyribonucleoside 5'-monophosphate

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Schleicher07: Schleicher E, Hitomi K, Kay CW, Getzoff ED, Todo T, Weber S (2007). "Electron nuclear double resonance differentiates complementary roles for active site histidines in (6-4) photolyase." J Biol Chem 282(7);4738-47. PMID: 17164245

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