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MetaCyc Compound: AMP

Synonyms: 5'-AMP, adenosine-monophosphate, adenylic acid, adenosine 5'-phosphate, adenosine 5'-monophosphate, adenylate, 5'-adenylic acid, 5'-adenosine monophosphate

Superclasses: a nucleic acid componenta nucleotidea nucleoside 5'-monophosphatea ribonucleoside 5'-monophosphatea purine ribonucleoside 5'-monophosphate
a nucleic acid componenta nucleotidea purine nucleotidea purine ribonucleotidea purine ribonucleoside 5'-monophosphate
a nucleic acid componenta nucleotidea ribonucleotidea purine ribonucleotidea purine ribonucleoside 5'-monophosphate
a nucleic acid componenta nucleotidea ribonucleotidea ribonucleoside 5'-monophosphatea purine ribonucleoside 5'-monophosphate
a nucleic acid component
an organic heterocyclic compoundan organic heterobicyclic compounda purinea purine nucleotidea purine ribonucleotidea purine ribonucleoside 5'-monophosphate
an organic heterocyclic compoundan organonitrogen heterocyclic compounda purinea purine nucleotidea purine ribonucleotidea purine ribonucleoside 5'-monophosphate

Chemical Formula: C10H12N5O7P

Molecular Weight: 345.21 Daltons

Monoisotopic Molecular Weight: 347.0630843401 Daltons

AMP compound structure

SMILES: C(C3(C(C(C(N2(C1(=C(C(=NC=N1)N)N=C2)))O3)O)O))OP([O-])([O-])=O

InChI: InChI=1S/C10H14N5O7P/c11-8-5-9(13-2-12-8)15(3-14-5)10-7(17)6(16)4(22-10)1-21-23(18,19)20/h2-4,6-7,10,16-17H,1H2,(H2,11,12,13)(H2,18,19,20)/p-2/t4-,6-,7-,10-/m1/s1


Unification Links: CAS:61-19-8, ChEBI:456215, ChemSpider:10239183, HMDB:HMDB00045, IAF1260:33534, KEGG:C00020, MetaboLights:MTBLC456215, NCI:20264, PubChem:15938965

Standard Gibbs Free Energy of Formation (ΔfG in kcal/mol): -135.89479Inferred by computational analysis [Latendresse13]

Reactions known to consume the compound:

adenosine nucleotides degradation I :
AMP + H+ + H2O → IMP + ammonium

adenosine nucleotides degradation II :
AMP + H2O → adenosine + phosphate

adenosine nucleotides degradation III :
AMP + H2O → D-ribofuranose 5-phosphate + adenine

adenosine nucleotides degradation IV :
AMP + phosphate → adenine + α-D-ribose 1,5-bisphosphate

adenosine ribonucleotides de novo biosynthesis :

trans-zeatin biosynthesis :
dimethylallyl diphosphate + AMPN6-(Δ2-isopentenyl)-adenosine 5'-monophosphate + diphosphate

Not in pathways:
ribonucleotiden + ribonucleotiden + ATP → ribonucleotidem+n + AMP + diphosphate

Not in pathways:
a ribonucleoside 5'-monophosphate + H2O → a ribonucleoside + phosphate

Not in pathways:
a nucleoside 5'-monophosphate[periplasm] + H2O[periplasm] → a nucleoside[periplasm] + phosphate[periplasm]
a nucleoside 5'-monophosphate + ATP → a nucleoside diphosphate + ADP

Not in pathways:
a nucleotide + H2O → a nucleoside + phosphate

Reactions known to produce the compound:

(+)-camphor degradation , (-)-camphor degradation :
[(1R)-4,5,5-trimethyl-2-oxocyclopent-3-enyl]acetate + ATP + coenzyme A → [(1R)-2,2,3-trimethyl-5-oxocyclopent-3-enyl]acetyl-CoA + AMP + diphosphate

(-)-microperfuranone biosynthesis :
2 2-oxo-3-phenylpropanoate + 2 ATP + H2O → (-)-microperfuranone + 2 AMP + CO2 + 2 diphosphate

(5R)-carbapenem carboxylate biosynthesis :
(2S,5S)-5-carboxymethyl proline + ATP → (3S,5S)-carbapenam-3-carboxylate + AMP + diphosphate + H+

1,4-dihydroxy-2-naphthoate biosynthesis :
2-succinylbenzoate + ATP + coenzyme A → 4-(2'-carboxyphenyl)-4-oxobutyryl-CoA + AMP + diphosphate

2-amino-3-hydroxycyclopent-2-enone biosynthesis :
5-aminolevulinate + ATP + coenzyme A → 5-aminolevulinyl-CoA + AMP + diphosphate

2-heptyl-3-hydroxy-4(1H)-quinolone biosynthesis , 4-hydroxy-2(1H)-quinolone biosynthesis , anthranilate degradation II (aerobic) , anthranilate degradation III (anaerobic) , aurachin A, B, C and D biosynthesis , aurachin RE biosynthesis :
anthranilate + ATP + coenzyme A → anthraniloyl-CoA + AMP + diphosphate

2-methylcitrate cycle I , 2-methylcitrate cycle II , β-alanine biosynthesis II , L-isoleucine biosynthesis IV :
propanoate + ATP + coenzyme A → propanoyl-CoA + AMP + diphosphate

3-amino-3-phenylpropanoyl-CoA biosynthesis :
(3R)-β-phenylalanine + ATP + coenzyme A → (3R)-3-amino-3-phenylpropanoyl-CoA + AMP + diphosphate

3-amino-4,7-dihydroxy-coumarin biosynthesis :
a NovH peptidyl-carrier protein + L-tyrosine + ATP → L-tyrosine-S-[NovH protein] + AMP + diphosphate

3-hydroxypropanoate cycle , glyoxylate assimilation :
3-hydroxypropanoate + ATP + coenzyme A → 3-hydroxypropanoyl-CoA + AMP + diphosphate

3-hydroxypropanoate/4-hydroxybutanate cycle :
3-hydroxypropanoate + ATP + coenzyme A → 3-hydroxypropanoyl-CoA + AMP + diphosphate
4-hydroxybutanoate + ATP + coenzyme A → 4-hydroxybutanoyl-CoA + AMP + diphosphate

3-hydroxyquinaldate biosynthesis , quinoxaline-2-carboxylate biosynthesis :
a holo-[tryptophanyl-carrier protein] + L-tryptophan + ATP → an L-tryptophanyl-[tryptophanyl-carrier protein] + AMP + diphosphate

3-phenylpropanoate degradation :
3-phenylpropanoate + ATP + coenzyme A → 3-phenylpropanoyl-CoA + AMP + diphosphate

4'-methoxyviridicatin biosynthesis :
anthranilate + O-methyl-L-tyrosine + 2 ATP + S-adenosyl-L-methionine → 4'-methoxycyclopeptine + 2 AMP + S-adenosyl-L-homocysteine + 2 diphosphate + 2 H+

4-chlorobenzoate degradation :
ATP + 4-chlorobenzoate + coenzyme A → AMP + 4-chlorobenzoyl-coA + diphosphate

4-coumarate degradation (anaerobic) :
4-hydroxybenzoate + ATP + coenzyme A → 4-hydroxybenzoyl-CoA + AMP + diphosphate
4-coumarate + ATP + coenzyme A → 4-coumaryl-CoA + AMP + diphosphate

4-ethylphenol degradation (anaerobic) :
4-hydroxyacetophenone + CO2 + ATP + 2 H2O → 4-hydroxybenzoyl-acetate + AMP + 2 phosphate + 3 H+
4-hydroxybenzoyl-acetate + ATP + coenzyme A → 4-hydroxybenzoyl-acetyl-CoA + AMP + diphosphate

4-hydroxybenzoate biosynthesis I (eukaryotes) , 4-hydroxybenzoate biosynthesis V , flavonoid biosynthesis , naringenin biosynthesis (engineered) , phaselate biosynthesis , phenylpropanoid biosynthesis , umbelliferone biosynthesis , xanthohumol biosynthesis :
4-coumarate + ATP + coenzyme A → 4-coumaryl-CoA + AMP + diphosphate

5-hexynoate biosynthesis :
hexanoate + a holo-[acyl-carrier protein] + ATP → a hexanoyl-[acyl-carrier-protein] + AMP + diphosphate

5-hydroxymethylfurfural degradation , furfural degradation :
2-furoate + ATP + coenzyme A → 2-furoyl-CoA + AMP + diphosphate

5-N-acetylardeemin biosynthesis :
anthranilate + L-alanine + L-tryptophan + 3 ATP → ardeemin FQ + 3 AMP + 3 diphosphate + H2O + 2 H+

6-gingerol analog biosynthesis :
octanoate + ATP + coenzyme A → octanoyl-CoA + AMP + diphosphate

Reactions known to both consume and produce the compound:

adenosine ribonucleotides de novo biosynthesis :
adenylo-succinate ↔ fumarate + AMP

gluconeogenesis II (Methanobacterium thermoautotrophicum) , glycolysis V (Pyrococcus) :
β-D-fructofuranose 6-phosphate + ADP ↔ fructose 1,6-bisphosphate + AMP + H+

PRPP biosynthesis I :
D-ribose 5-phosphate + ATP ↔ 5-phospho-α-D-ribose 1-diphosphate + AMP + H+

sulfate reduction IV (dissimilatory) , sulfate reduction V (dissimilatory) , sulfite oxidation II , sulfite oxidation III :
sulfite + AMP + an oxidized unknown electron acceptor + 2 H+ ↔ adenosine 5'-phosphosulfate + an reduced unknown electron acceptor

In Reactions of unknown directionality:

Not in pathways:
thymidine + ADP = dTMP + AMP + H+
L-phenylalanine + ATP + H2O = D-phenylalanine + AMP + diphosphate + H+
citramalate lyase, inactive + acetate + ATP = citramalate lyase, active + AMP + diphosphate
5',5'''-diadenosine triphosphate + H2O = AMP + ADP + 2 H+
ATP + [phospho-α-glucan] + H2O = AMP + O-phospho-[phospho-α-glucan] + phosphate
ADP-D-ribose + H2O = AMP + α-D-ribose-1-phosphate + 2 H+
ADP-α-D-glucose + H2O = AMP + α-D-glucopyranose 1-phosphate + 2 H+
ADP + H2O = AMP + phosphate + H+
FAD = AMP + riboflavin cyclic-4',5'-phosphate
FAD + H2O = AMP + FMN + 2 H+
a maltodextrin + ATP + H2O = a 6-phosphogluco-maltodextrin + AMP + phosphate
a 6-phosphogluco-maltodextrin + n ATP + n H2O = a poly-6-phosphogluco-maltodextrin + n AMP + n phosphate
a 5'-acylphosphoadenosine + H2O = a carboxylate + AMP + 2 H+
a nucleoside 5'-monophosphate + ATP = a 5'-phosphonucleoside 3'-diphosphate + AMP + H+
App-tRNAHis + GTP = pppGp-tRNAHis + AMP
p-tRNAHis + ATP + GTP = pppGp-tRNAHis + AMP + diphosphate
adenosine 5'-phosphoramidate + H2O = AMP + ammonium
5',5'''-diadenosine hexaphosphate + H2O = adenosine pentaphosphate + AMP + H+
5',5'''-diadenosine pentaphosphate + H2O = adenosine tetraphosphate + AMP + H+
5',5'''-diadenosine tetraphosphate + H2O = ATP + AMP + 2 H+
a linear α-D-glucan + ATP + H2O = [phospho-α-glucan] + AMP + phosphate + 2 H+
a pyruvate,phosphate dikinase + ADP = a [pyruvate,phosphate dikinase]-phosphate + AMP + H+
a pyruvate,water dikinase + ADP = [a pyruvate, water dikinase]-phosphate + AMP + H+
a [protein]-L-threonine + FAD = a [protein]-FMN-L-threonine + AMP
tobramycin + O-carbamoyladenylate = nebramycin 5' + AMP + H+

Enzymes activated by AMP, sorted by the type of activation, are:

Activator (Allosteric) of: pyruvate kinase [Kotlarz75, Somani77], threonine dehydratase [Shizuta69], serine deaminase [Shizuta69], NAD+-dependent glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase [Brunner98] Activator (Mechanism unknown) of: glutaminase B [Prusiner76], glycogen phosphorylase [Yu88, Chen68a, Chen68], isocitrate dehydrogenase phosphatase [Nimmo84, Miller00], CTP:2,3,4-saturated L-phosphatidate cytidylyltransferase [Langley78, Comment 1], 6-aminodeoxyfutalosine deaminase [Goble13], glycogen phosphorylase [Dombradi85], pyruvate kinase [Singh98], arginine deiminase [Monstadt91]

Enzymes inhibited by AMP, sorted by the type of inhibition, are:

Inhibitor (Competitive) of: asparagine synthetase [Cedar69a, Comment 2], adenine phosphoribosyltransferase [HochstadtOzer71, Comment 3], malate:quinone oxidoreductase [Narindrasorasak79], ATP phosphoribosyltransferase [Tebar76], amidophosphoribosyl transferase [Messenger79, Comment 4], selenide, water dikinase [Veres94, Comment 5], acetaldehyde dehydrogenase [Shone81, Comment 6], FMN reductase [Fieschi95, Comment 7], NADH:ubiquinone oxidoreductase (internal) [Velazquez01], phosphoribosylformylglycinamidine cyclo-ligase [Tretiakov95], phosphoribosylglycinamidine synthetase [Tretiakov95], D-xylulokinase [Dills94], NAD+-dependent glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase [Crow79], sulfate adenylyltransferase [Comment 8], succinate semialdehyde dehydrogenase [Busch99], ADP-dependent phosphofructokinase [Tuininga99], fructose-1,6-bisphosphate aldolase [Lal05] Inhibitor (Uncompetitive) of: ribose-phosphate diphosphokinase [Bower89, Willemoes97], carbapenam synthetase [Gerratana03] Inhibitor (Noncompetitive) of: thiamine monophosphate kinase, fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase [Babul83], arginyl-tRNA synthetase [Charlier79], FMN reductase [Fieschi95, Comment 9], streptomycin 6-kinase [Sugiyama83] Inhibitor (Allosteric) of: glucose-1-phosphate adenylyltransferase [Hill91, Gardiol90], phosphoribosylpyrophosphate amidotransferase [Satyanarayana71], phosphoribosylpyrophosphate amidotransferase [Satyanarayana71] Inhibitor (Mechanism unknown) of: NAD+ synthetase, NH3-dependent [Spencer67, Comment 10], glutamine synthetase [Woolfolk67, Bender77, Comment 11], phosphoenolpyruvate synthetase [Cooper69, Chulavatnatol73], ribose-5-phosphate isomerase A [Essenberg75], acetaldehyde dehydrogenase [Shone81, Comment 12], isocitrate dehydrogenase kinase [Nimmo84, Miller00], guanylate kinase [Oeschger66], riboflavin reductase [Fieschi95, Niviere99], sucrose phosphate phosphatase [But13], sucrose phosphate synthase [But13], D-galacturonate dehydrogenase [Wagner76], APS reductase [Setya96], ornithine carbamoyltransferase, catabolic [Ruepp95], adenylosuccinate synthetase [Comment 13], NAD pyrophosphatase [Kahn86], phosphotransbutyrylase [Comment 14], sedoheptulose bisphosphatase [Tamoi98], fructose 1,6-bisphosphatase [Tamoi98], APS reductase [Setya96], D-xylulose kinase [vanKuyk01], glutamine:fructose-6-phosphate amidotransferase [Broschat02], APS reductase [Setya96]

This compound has been characterized as a cofactor or prosthetic group of the following enzymes: glycogen phosphorylase

This compound has been characterized as an alternative substrate of the following enzymes: thiamine monophosphate phosphatase, 5'-nucleotidase, glycerate 2-kinase, phosphoenolpyruvate phosphatase


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