MetaCyc Pathways Class: Sterol Biosynthesis

This class contains pathways for the biosynthesis of sterols from isoprenoid precursors.

Parent Classes:
Fatty Acid and Lipid Biosynthesis

Child Classes:
Ergosterol Biosynthesis (4),
Iso-bile Acids Biosynthesis (2)

7-dehydroporiferasterol biosynthesis,
allopregnanolone biosynthesis,
bile acid biosynthesis, neutral pathway,
cardenolide biosynthesis,
cardenolide glucosides biosynthesis,
cholesterol biosynthesis I,
cholesterol biosynthesis II (via 24,25-dihydrolanosterol),
cholesterol biosynthesis III (via desmosterol),
lanosterol biosynthesis,
plant sterol biosynthesis,
sterol:steryl ester interconversion (yeast),
superpathway of cholesterol biosynthesis,
ursodeoxycholate biosynthesis (bacteria),
zymosterol biosynthesis

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