MetaCyc Pathways Class: Polysaccharides Degradation

Parent Classes:
Carbohydrates Degradation,
Polymeric Compounds Degradation

Child Classes:
Carrageenan Degradation (3),
Cellulose Degradation (3),
Chitin Degradation (3),
Glycans Degradation (9),
Glycogen Degradation (3),
Glycosaminoglycan Degradation (7),
Pectin Degradation (3),
Rhamnogalacturonan Type I Degradation (2),
Starch Degradation (5),
Xylan Degradation (1),
Xyloglucan Degradation (4)

agarose degradation,
alginate degradation,
fructan degradation,
gellan degradation,
glucuronoarabinoxylan degradation,
mannan degradation,
porphyran degradation,
ulvan degradation

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