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MetaCyc Compound Class: a jasmonate

Superclasses: a hormonea plant hormone

This class includes a large set of compounds that are cyclopentanone derivatives. The term "jasmonic acid" (and hence, "jasmonate") can also be used to apply more narrowly to one specific compound (see a jasmonic acid) that can exist as 4 different stereoisomers.

Child Classes: a 12-hydroxyjasmonate (2), a 12-hydroxyjasmonate sulfate (0), a jasmonic acid (4), a jasmonoyl-1-aminocyclopropane-1 carboxylate (0), a jasmonoyl-glutamine (0), a jasmonoyl-isoleucine (3), a jasmonoyl-leucine (1), a jasmonoyl-phenylalanine (1), a jasmonoyl-valine (1), a methyl jasmonate (1), an 11-hydroxyjasmonate (0), an 11-hydroxyjasmonate sulfate (0)

tuberonic acid glucoside


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