MetaCyc Pathways Class: Hormones Biosynthesis

This class contains pathways of biosynthesis of various hormones, molecules that regulate particular metabolic functions.

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Child Classes:
Plant Hormones Biosynthesis (43)

(8E,10E)-dodeca-8,10-dienol biosynthesis,
Spodoptera littoralis pheromone biosynthesis,
androgen biosynthesis,
aspirin triggered resolvin D biosynthesis,
aspirin triggered resolvin E biosynthesis,
aspirin-triggered lipoxin biosynthesis,
bombykol biosynthesis,
C20 prostanoid biosynthesis,
catecholamine biosynthesis,
ecdysone and 20-hydroxyecdysone biosynthesis,
estradiol biosynthesis I (via estrone),
estradiol biosynthesis II,
glucocorticoid biosynthesis,
ipsdienol biosynthesis,
juvenile hormone III biosynthesis I,
juvenile hormone III biosynthesis II,
leukotriene biosynthesis,
lipoxin biosynthesis,
mineralocorticoid biosynthesis,
pregnenolone biosynthesis,
progesterone biosynthesis,
resolvin D biosynthesis,
serotonin and melatonin biosynthesis,
superpathway of steroid hormone biosynthesis,
thyroid hormone biosynthesis,
vitamin D3 biosynthesis

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