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Escherichia coli K-12 substr. MG1655 Pathway: PRPP biosynthesis II
Inferred from experiment

Pathway diagram: PRPP biosynthesis II

If an enzyme name is shown in bold, there is experimental evidence for this enzymatic activity.

Locations of Mapped Genes:

Schematic showing all replicons, marked with selected genes

Genetic Regulation Schematic

Genetic regulation schematic for PRPP biosynthesis II

Synonyms: 5-phosphoribosyl 1-pyrophosphate biosynthesis

Superclasses: Degradation/Utilization/AssimilationInorganic Nutrients MetabolismPhosphorus Compounds MetabolismPRPP Biosynthesis

PRPP may be synthesized from ribose 5-phosphate by PRPP synthase or, alternately, by the the enzymes phosphopentomutase, ribose 1-phosphokinase (putative), and ribose 1,5-bisphosphokinase [HoveJensen03]. Under conditions when xanthosine phosphorylase is produced, the enzyme can supply ribose 1-phosphate to this second pathway [HoveJensen03].

Citations: [HoveJensen96]

Superpathways: superpathway of histidine, purine, and pyrimidine biosynthesis

Variants: PRPP biosynthesis I

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Other References Related to Enzymes, Genes, Subpathways, and Substrates of this Pathway

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