Escherichia coli K-12 substr. MG1655 Pathway: D-serine degradation
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Genetic regulation schematic for D-serine degradation

Superclasses: Degradation/Utilization/AssimilationAmino Acids DegradationOther Amino Acids DegradationD-Amino Acids Degradation

E. coli is able to utilize D-serine as the sole source of carbon and nitrogen for growth [Bloom75]. D-serine also has a bacteriostatic effect due to its effect on the biosynthesis of L-serine and pantothenate [Cosloy73]. Detoxification of D-serine and its utilization as a carbon and nitrogen source are accomplished by a single enzyme, D-serine ammonia-lyase [McFall64]. D-serine ammonia-lyase catalyzes the deamination of D-serine to form pyruvate and ammonia; expression of the enzyme is induced by D-serine [Pardee55, McFall64, McFall64a].

Recently, it has been shown that the ability to utilize and/or detoxify D-serine plays a role in pathogenesis [Roesch03, Moritz06, Anfora07, Sakinc09].

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