Escherichia coli K-12 substr. MG1655 Pathway: NarX Two-Component Signal Transduction System, nitrate dependent
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Pathway diagram: NarX Two-Component Signal Transduction System, nitrate dependent

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Genetic regulation schematic for NarX Two-Component Signal Transduction System, nitrate dependent

Superclasses: Signal transduction pathways

In E.coli K-12 the two paralogous two-component systems NarXL and NarQP collaborate to control anaerobic respiratory gene expression in response to nitrate and nitrite. NarX and NarQ are the sensor histidine kinases, NarL and NarP the response regulators. The systems have a discriminatory response to nitrate and nitrite and there is cross talk between the sensor kinases and the response regulators. In this way a complex response to the dynamic ratio of nitrate and nitrite during anaerobiosis is mediated.

Reviews: [Stewart93, Stewart94, Stewart03a]

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