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Escherichia coli K-12 substr. MG1655 Pathway: BarA UvrY Two-Component Signal Transduction System
Inferred from experiment

Pathway diagram: BarA UvrY Two-Component Signal Transduction System

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Schematic showing all replicons, marked with selected genes

Genetic Regulation Schematic

Genetic regulation schematic for BarA UvrY Two-Component Signal Transduction System

Superclasses: Signal transduction pathways

In E. coli, two-component regulatory systems sense and respond to changes in environmental conditions. In the prototypical system a membrane associated sensor kinase autophosphorylates in response to an environmental signal. The sensor kinase then transfers a phosphoryl group to a response regulator (RR) which, thus activated, effects a response. The majority of RRs in E.coli are transcription factors.

The BarA/UvrY two-component system comprises BarA - the membrane associated sensor kinase - and UvrY - the cytoplasmic response regulator. The BarA/UvrY two-component system is believed to play a role in central carbon metabolism via its regulation of the small non-coding RNAs CsrC and CsrB [Suzuki02, Weilbacher03, Liu97a]. BarA is a tripartate sensor kinase which is predicted to phosphorylate its cognate response regulator UvrY via a His→Asp→His→Asp phosphorelay [Ishige94, Pernestig01]. Autophosphorylation of BarA has been demonstrated in vitro as has the transfer of phosphate from phosphorylated BarA to UvrY [Pernestig01, Yamamoto05]. The physiological signals that activate the BarA/UvrY system are not well characterised. Aliphatic carboxylic acids such as formate, acetate and propionate have been shown to be an environmental stimulus for the BarA sensor kinase [Chavez10].

Citations: [Camacho15]

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