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Escherichia coli K-12 substr. MG1655 Pathway: demethylmenaquinol-8 biosynthesis I
Inferred from experiment

Pathway diagram: demethylmenaquinol-8 biosynthesis I

If an enzyme name is shown in bold, there is experimental evidence for this enzymatic activity.

Locations of Mapped Genes:

Schematic showing all replicons, marked with selected genes

Synonyms: demethylmenaquinone-8 biosynthesis I

Superclasses: BiosynthesisCofactors, Prosthetic Groups, Electron Carriers BiosynthesisQuinol and Quinone BiosynthesisDemethylmenaquinol BiosynthesisDemethylmenaquinol-8 Biosynthesis

General Background

Most aerobic Gram-negative bacteria contain ubiquinone (Q) as the sole quinone, while most aerobic Gram-positive bacteria contain menaquinone (MK) and/or demethylmenaquinone (DMK) as the main quinone. However, most of the anaerobic bacteria, regardless whether they are Gram-negative or Gram-positive, contain MK or DMK as their main quinones. Some facultatively anaerobic bacteria, such as E. coli, contain Q, MK, and DMK, which they use under different growth conditions [Meganathan01].

DMKs are known to have side chains of different sizes in different organisms, and sometimes even within the same organism. The most common DMKs contain 7, 8 and 9 isoprene units. E. coli contains demethylmenaquinone-8 (DMK-8) [Bentley83]. DMK-8 is a low-molecular weight lipophilic component of the cytoplasmic membrane and functions as a reversible redox component of the electron transfer chain, mediating electron transfer between hydrogenases and cytochromes.

DMK is also an intermediate in MK formation (see superpathway of menaquinol-8 biosynthesis I) [Meganathan01]. DMK-8 is methylated at the naphthoquinone ring to MK-8 by a methyltransferase, which uses S-adenosylmethionine as the methyl donor [Collins81].

About This Pathway

The conversion of 1,4-dihydroxy-2-naphthoate (DHNA) to DMK-8 in extracts of E. coli is catalyzed by the membrane-bound 1,4-dihydroxy-2-octaprenyltransferase (MenA). The conversion of DHNA to DMK requires replacement of the carboxyl with the isoprenoid side chain. Prenylation and decarboxylation may occur in a single active site, since symmetry experiments exclude 1,4-naphthoquinone as an intermediate. Moreover, there has been no evidence for two separate reaction steps or enzymes. Based on structural and mutagenesis data, a three-stage ionization-condensation-elimination mechanism involving a carbocation intermediate has recently been proposed [Huang14].

Review: Meganathan, R. and O. Kwon (2009) "Biosynthesis of Menaquinone (Vitamin K2) and Ubiquinone (Coenzyme Q)." EcoSal [ECOSAL].

Superpathways: superpathway of chorismate metabolism, superpathway of menaquinol-8 biosynthesis I

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