Escherichia coli K-12 substr. MG1655 Enzyme: malate dehydrogenase

Gene: maeB Accession Numbers: G7293 (EcoCyc), b2463, ECK2458

Synonyms: ypfF

Regulation Summary Diagram: ?

Regulation summary diagram for maeB

Subunit composition of malate dehydrogenase = [MaeB]6

There are two malic enzymes in E. coli, one NADP-dependent (MaeB, described here) and the other NAD-dependent (encoded by the maeA gene) [Takeo69, Mahajan90]. MaeB activity is highly regulated by key metabolites [Bologna07]. MaeB appears to be important for supplying NADPH during growth on two-carbon compounds [Wang11a].

Initial purification studies working with E. coli K10 indicated that the enzyme was composed of 8 subunits [Spina70]. Further studies, with both E. coli W and K-12, have indicated 6 subunits [Iwakura79, Brown81] or again 8 subunits [Bologna07].

The C-terminal domain of MaeB is similar to phosphotransacetylases; it is not required for catalytic activity, but appears to be required for metabolic regulation and oligomerization [Bologna07].

Deletion of maeB abolishes NADP-dependent malic enzyme activity [vanderRest00]. maeB expression is upregulated in a pykF (pyruvate kinase) null mutant [Siddiquee04]. Overexpression of MaeB increases the production of C4 metabolites under anaerobic conditions with supplemental bicarbonate [Kwon07].

Locations: cytosol

Map Position: [2,574,120 <- 2,576,399] (55.48 centisomes, 200°)
Length: 2280 bp / 759 aa

Molecular Weight of Polypeptide: 82.417 kD (from nucleotide sequence)

Unification Links: ASAP:ABE-0008111 , DIP:DIP-10141N , EchoBASE:EB3945 , EcoGene:EG14193 , EcoliWiki:b2463 , ModBase:P76558 , OU-Microarray:b2463 , PortEco:maeB , PR:PRO_000025146 , Pride:P76558 , Protein Model Portal:P76558 , RefSeq:NP_416958 , RegulonDB:G7293 , SMR:P76558 , String:511145.b2463 , UniProt:P76558

Relationship Links: InterPro:IN-FAMILY:IPR002505 , InterPro:IN-FAMILY:IPR012188 , InterPro:IN-FAMILY:IPR012301 , InterPro:IN-FAMILY:IPR012302 , InterPro:IN-FAMILY:IPR015884 , InterPro:IN-FAMILY:IPR016040 , Pfam:IN-FAMILY:PF00390 , Pfam:IN-FAMILY:PF01515 , Pfam:IN-FAMILY:PF03949 , Prosite:IN-FAMILY:PS00331 , Smart:IN-FAMILY:SM00919

In Paralogous Gene Group: 297 (4 members)

Gene-Reaction Schematic: ?

Gene-Reaction Schematic

GO Terms:

Biological Process: GO:0006108 - malate metabolic process Inferred by computational analysis [GOA01a]
GO:0008152 - metabolic process Inferred by computational analysis [UniProtGOA11a, GOA01a]
GO:0055114 - oxidation-reduction process Inferred by computational analysis [UniProtGOA11a, GOA01a]
Molecular Function: GO:0004473 - malate dehydrogenase (decarboxylating) (NADP+) activity Inferred from experiment Inferred by computational analysis [GOA01, GOA01a, Bologna07, vanderRest00]
GO:0030145 - manganese ion binding Inferred from experiment Inferred by computational analysis [GOA01a, Sanwal68]
GO:0003824 - catalytic activity Inferred by computational analysis [UniProtGOA11a]
GO:0004471 - malate dehydrogenase (decarboxylating) (NAD+) activity Inferred by computational analysis [GOA01a]
GO:0008948 - oxaloacetate decarboxylase activity Inferred by computational analysis [GOA01]
GO:0016491 - oxidoreductase activity Inferred by computational analysis [UniProtGOA11a]
GO:0016746 - transferase activity, transferring acyl groups Inferred by computational analysis [GOA01a]
GO:0046872 - metal ion binding Inferred by computational analysis [UniProtGOA11a]
GO:0051287 - NAD binding Inferred by computational analysis [GOA01a]
Cellular Component: GO:0005829 - cytosol Inferred from experiment Inferred by computational analysis [GOA01a, Lasserre06]

MultiFun Terms: metabolism central intermediary metabolism

Essentiality data for maeB knockouts: ?

Growth Medium Growth? T (°C) O2 pH Osm/L Growth Observations
LB enriched Yes 37 Aerobic 6.95   Yes [Gerdes03, Comment 1]
LB Lennox Yes 37 Aerobic 7   Yes [Baba06, Comment 2]
M9 medium with 1% glycerol Yes 37 Aerobic 7.2 0.35 Yes [Joyce06, Comment 3]
MOPS medium with 0.4% glucose Yes 37 Aerobic 7.2 0.22 Yes [Baba06, Comment 2]
Yes [Feist07, Comment 4]

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Enzymatic reaction of: malate dehydrogenase

Synonyms: malic enzyme, malate dehydrogenase, NADP+-linked, pyruvic-malic carboxylase, (S)-malate:NADP+ oxidoreductase (oxaloacetate-decarboxylating)

EC Number:

(S)-malate + NADP+ <=> CO2 + pyruvate + NADPH

The reaction direction shown, that is, A + B ↔ C + D versus C + D ↔ A + B, is in accordance with the Enzyme Commission system.

The reaction is favored in the direction shown.

Alternative Substrates for (S)-malate [Comment 5 ]: oxaloacetate [Sanwal69 ]

In Pathways: gluconeogenesis I

The kinetics of the reaction is sigmoidal; the Hill coefficient is 1.42 for K0.5,malate. Kinetic coefficients shown below are for the forward, decarboxylation reaction. The kcat, forward/kcat, reverse is 175.2 [Bologna07].

At pH 5, the enzyme can decarboxylate oxaloacetate, while at pH 7.5, oxaloacetate acts as an inhibitor. This oxaloacetate decarboxylase activity is inhibited by NADP+ [Sanwal69].

Cofactors or Prosthetic Groups: Mg2+ [Wang11a, Bologna07], Mn2+ [Wang11a, Sanwal68]

Alternative Cofactors for Mn2+: Mg2+

Activators (Unknown Mechanism): L-aspartate [Bologna07] , β-D-glucose 6-phosphate [Bologna07] , acetyl phosphate [Bologna07] , L-glutamate [Bologna07] , K+ [Sanwal69, Spina70, Bologna07, Brown81] , ammonium [Sanwal69, Spina70]

Inhibitors (Allosteric): NADH [Brown81, Sanwal69, Sanwal69a] , cyclic-AMP [Sanwal69, Sanwal69a] , acetyl-CoA [Sanwal68, Bologna07] , oxaloacetate [Sanwal69, Sanwal69a, Bologna07]

Inhibitors (Unknown Mechanism): NADP+ [Sanwal69, Sanwal69a, Brown81] , Zn2+ [Wang11a] , fumarate [Bologna07]

Primary Physiological Regulators of Enzyme Activity: NADP+ , NADH , cyclic-AMP , acetyl-CoA

Kinetic Parameters:

Km (μM)
kcat (sec-1)
kcat/Km (sec-1 μM-1)
[Bologna07, BRENDA14]

T(opt): 46 °C [BRENDA14, Wang11a]

pH(opt): 7.8 [BRENDA14, Wang11a], 7 [BRENDA14, Bologna07], 7.5 [Bologna07]

Sequence Features

Protein sequence of MaeB with features indicated

Feature Class Location Citations Comment
Protein-Segment 1 -> 428
UniProt: Malic enzyme; Sequence Annotation Type: region of interest;
N6-acetyllysine-Modification 56
[Zhang09, UniProt15]
UniProt: N6-acetyllysine.
Nucleotide-Phosphate-Binding-Region 76 -> 83
UniProt: NADP; Non-Experimental Qualifier: by similarity;
Active-Site 94
UniProt: Proton acceptor; Non-Experimental Qualifier: by similarity;
Metal-Binding-Site 136
UniProt: Divalent metal cation; Non-Experimental Qualifier: by similarity;
Metal-Binding-Site 137
UniProt: Divalent metal cation; Non-Experimental Qualifier: by similarity;
Amino-Acid-Sites-That-Bind 162
UniProt: NAD; Non-Experimental Qualifier: by similarity;
Amino-Acid-Sites-That-Bind 288
UniProt: NAD; Non-Experimental Qualifier: by similarity;
Protein-Segment 429 -> 759
UniProt: Phosphate acetyltransferase; Sequence Annotation Type: region of interest;

Gene Local Context (not to scale): ?

Gene local context diagram

Transcription Unit:

Transcription-unit diagram


10/26/2000 (pkarp) Merged genes G594/maeB and G7293/maeB
Markus Krummenacker on Tue Oct 14, 1997:
Gene object created from Blattner lab Genbank (v. M52) entry.


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