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Escherichia coli K-12 substr. MG1655 Reactions Class: Transport Facilitated by Channels and Pores

Reactions in this class are facilitated by a family of proteins known as channels and pores. These proteins enable the energy independent diffusion of substrates across a membrane. Generally transport is considered to occur without the need for a carrier mediated mechanism but there are exceptions to this (eg. the ligand gated fatty acid channel FadL of E. coli). In the IUBMB Transport Classification System, Channels and Pores (Family 1) contains 5 subfamilies including alpha-helical channels (1.A), beta strand porins (1.B), pore-forming toxins (1.C), non-ribosomally synthesized channels (1.D) and holins (1.E).

Parent Classes:
Transport Reactions

glycine[periplasm] ↔ glycine[cytosol],
DL-glyceraldehyde[periplasm] ↔ DL-glyceraldehyde[cytosol],
glycine betaine[extracellular space] ↔ glycine betaine[periplasm],
a nucleoside[extracellular space] → a nucleoside[periplasm],
urea[cytosol] ↔ urea[periplasm],
N,N'-diacetylchitobiose[extracellular space]N,N'-diacetylchitobiose[periplasm],
partially N-deacetylated poly-β-1,6-N-acetyl-D-glucosamine[periplasm] → partially N-deacetylated poly-β-1,6-N-acetyl-D-glucosamine[extracellular space],
ammonium[periplasm] ↔ ammonium[cytosol],
non-specific ion/solute[cytosol] → non-specific ion/solute[periplasm],
H2O[periplasm] ↔ H2O[cytosol],
K+[periplasm] → K+[cytosol],
Ni2+[periplasm] → Ni2+[cytosol],
Mg2+[periplasm] → Mg2+[cytosol],
chloride[periplasm] ↔ chloride[cytosol],
nitrite[periplasm] → nitrite[cytosol],
glycerol[periplasm] ↔ glycerol[cytosol],
formate[cytosol] ↔ formate[periplasm],
hydrophilic solute < 900 Da[extracellular space] → hydrophilic solute < 900 Da[periplasm],
hydrophilic solute or ion < 600 Da[extracellular space] ↔ hydrophilic solute or ion < 600 Da[periplasm],
non-specific ion/solute[extracellular space] → non-specific ion/solute[periplasm],
a long-chain fatty acid[extracellular space] → a long-chain fatty acid[periplasm],
maltose[extracellular space] → maltose[periplasm],
N-acetylneuraminate[extracellular space]N-acetylneuraminate[periplasm],
N-acetyl-β-neuraminate[extracellular space]N-acetyl-β-neuraminate[periplasm],
curlin, major subunit[periplasm] → curlin, major subunit[extracellular space]

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