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Escherichia coli K-12 substr. MG1655 All-Genes Class: Conserved-Hypothetical-ORFs

Conserved hypothetical ORFs have homologs, usually in other organisms, but none of those homologs have known functions. That homologs exist gives us greater confidence that the ORF is truely a gene, as opposed to being a false-positive prediction of a gene-finding program.

Parent Classes:

arnD (conserved protein),
ratB (predicted protein),
ves (conserved protein),
yaaI (predicted protein),
yaaX (predicted protein),
yacL (conserved protein),
yadE (predicted polysaccharide deacetylase lipoprotein),
yafD (conserved protein),
yahL (predicted protein),
yahO (predicted protein),
yaiS (conserved protein),
ybcH (predicted protein),
ybdJ (predicted inner membrane protein),
ybdN (conserved protein),
ybeQ (conserved protein),
ybeR (predicted protein),
ybeT (conserved outer membrane protein),
ybfN (predicted lipoprotein),
ybgE (conserved inner membrane protein),
ybgO (predicted fimbrial-like adhesin protein),
ybiI (conserved protein),
ybiJ (predicted protein),
ybiU (predicted protein),
ybjC (predicted inner membrane protein),
ycaP (conserved inner membrane protein),
ycbJ (conserved protein),
yccT (conserved protein),
yceB (predicted lipoprotein),
yceH (conserved protein),
ychJ (conserved protein),
yciG (predicted protein),
yciI (predicted enzyme),
yciN (predicted protein),
yciU (predicted protein),
ycjD (conserved protein),
ydbL (conserved protein),
ydcH (predicted protein),
ydcJ (conserved protein),
ydcL (predicted lipoprotein),
ydgH (predicted protein),
ydhW (predicted protein),
ydhZ (predicted protein),
ydiY (conserved protein),
ydiZ (predicted protein),
yeaO (conserved protein),
yebB (predicted protein),
yebF (predicted protein),
yebO (predicted protein),
yebY (predicted protein),
yecM (predicted metal-binding enzyme),
yecR (predicted protein),
yedD (predicted protein),
yedF (conserved protein),
yedK (predicted protein),
yegK (predicted protein),
yegP (predicted protein),
yehE (predicted protein),
yehM (predicted protein),
yejG (predicted protein),
yfaA (predicted protein),
yfaP (conserved protein),
yfaT (predicted protein),
yfbN (predicted protein),
yfcL (predicted protein),
yfcO (predicted protein),
yfeS (conserved protein),
yfeY (predicted outer membrane lipoprotein),
yfiM (predicted protein),
yfiP (conserved protein),
ygaC (predicted protein),
ygaU (predicted protein),
ygbA (predicted protein),
ygdB (predicted protein),
ygdD (conserved inner membrane protein),
ygdR (predicted protein),
ygeG (predicted chaperone),
ygfB (predicted protein),
yggL (predicted protein),
yghW (predicted protein),
ygiZ (conserved inner membrane protein),
ygjP (predicted metal-dependent hydrolase),
yhaM (conserved protein),
yhbT (predicted lipid carrier protein),
yheU (conserved protein),
yhfG (predicted protein),
yhgF (predicted transcriptional accessory protein),
yhiJ (predicted protein),
yibG (conserved protein),
yidG (predicted inner membrane protein),
yidH (conserved inner membrane protein),
yigF (conserved inner membrane protein),
yihD (conserved protein),
yiiS (conserved protein),
yiiX (conserved hypothetical protein of the NlpC/P60 peptidase superfamily),
yijF (conserved protein),
yjbM (predicted protein),
yjeN (predicted protein),
yjfN (predicted protein),
yjfY (predicted protein),
yjjI (conserved protein, may be involved in nitrogen metabolism),
ykfM (hypothetical protein),
ymdA (predicted protein),
ymfA (predicted inner membrane protein),
ymgE (predicted inner membrane protein),
ymgG (predicted protein),
ynaJ (predicted inner membrane protein),
yneG (conserved protein),
ynfB (predicted protein),
ynfC (YnfC lipoprotein),
ynfD (predicted protein),
ynjH (predicted protein),
yoaC (predicted protein),
yoaF (conserved outer membrane protein),
yobB (conserved protein),
ypfG (predicted protein),
yqeJ (predicted protein),
yqjK (conserved protein),
yraN (conserved protein),
yrbL (predicted protein),
ytfI (predicted protein)

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