Escherichia coli K-12 substr. MG1655 All-Genes Class: Putative uncharacterized transport protein

Parent Classes:

abrB (predicted regulator),
afuB (AfuB pseudogene; CP4-6 prophage; non-functioning membrane subunit of ferric ion ABC transporter),
arnF (undecaprenyl-phosphate-α-L-Ara4N flippase - ArnF subunit),
atoE (predicted short chain fatty acid transporter),
csgF (curli assembly component),
dcrB (periplasmic protein involved in bacteriophage sensitivity),
eamB (O-Acetylserine / cysteine export protein),
emrK (EmrKY-TolC multidrug efflux transport system - membrane fusion protein),
eutH (predicted inner membrane protein),
fetB (ABC transporter with a role in iron homeostasis - membrane subunit),
fliR (flagellar biosynthesis protein FliR),
gsiC (glutathione ABC transporter - membrane subunit),
gspA (general secretory pathway component, cryptic),
gspC (putative protein secretion protein for export),
gspD (putative protein secretion protein for export),
gspE (putative protein secretion protein for export),
gspF (putative protein secretion protein for export),
gspG (putative protein secretion protein for export),
gspH (putative protein secretion protein for export),
gspI (putative protein secretion protein for export),
gspJ (putative protein secretion protein for export),
gspK (putative protein secretion protein for export),
gspL (putative protein secretion protein for export),
gspM (putative protein secretion protein),
hofC (inner membrane protein HofC),
leuE (leucine efflux transporter),
lolA (periplasmic chaperone, effects translocation of lipoproteins from inner membrane to outer),
lplT (lysophospholipid transporter),
lysO (L-lysine efflux transporter),
marB (multiple antibiotic resistance protein),
mltF (membrane-bound lytic murein transglycosylase F),
mntP (manganese export protein),
mrdB (rod shape-determining membrane protein; sensitivity to radiation and drugs),
murJ (lipid II flippase),
rarD (inner membrane protein RarD),
sanA (vancomycin sensitivity),
tqsA (quorum signal AI-2 exporter),
wza (lipoprotein required for capsular polysaccharide translocation through the outer membrane),
ybaE (putative transport protein, periplasmic-binding component of ABC superfamily),
ybbY (putative transport protein, nucleobase:cation symporter-2 (NCS2) family),
ybjJ (inner membrane protein YbjJ),
ybjL (inner membrane protein YbjL),
yccA (putative carrier/transport protein; substrate or modulator of FtsH-mediated proteolysis),
ycfT (inner membrane protein YcfT),
ydhK (inner membrane protein YdhK),
ydiQ (conserved protein),
ydjX (inner membrane protein YdjX),
yedA (putative transport protein, drug/metabolite exporter family),
yeeA (inner membrane protein YeeA),
yeeE (inner membrane protein YeeE),
yegH (inner membrane protein YegH),
yfbS (putative transport protein),
yfcC (predicted inner membrane protein),
yfeH (putative cytochrome oxidase),
yfeO (putative transport protein),
ygaX (putative transporter, major facilitator superfamily; pseudogene),
yggR (putative transporter),
yghQ (predicted inner membrane protein),
yhdP (conserved membrane protein, putative transporter),
yhfT (predicted inner membrane protein),
yhgE (putative transport protein, YhgE family),
yhhT (inner membrane protein YhhT),
yicL (predicted inner membrane protein),
yidE (putative transport protein, aspartate:alanine exchanger family),
yigM (inner membrane protein YigM),
yijE (cystine efflux transporter),
yjiJ (inner membrane protein YjiJ),
yjjP (predicted inner membrane structural protein),
ykgG (predicted protein),
yohK (inner membrane protein YohK),
yqgA (putative transport protein),
yqiH (predicted periplasmic pilin chaperone),
ytfF (inner membrane protein YtfF),
zraP (zinc homeostasis protein)

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